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The Financial Guarantee of Completion (GFA) is a special protection programme organised in favour of a buyer in the future state of completion. The bankruptcy of certain real estate developers encouraged the consideration of guarantees offered by the sale system. It ensures the buyer that the works will be fully completed and delivered, regardless of any inconvenience encountered by the property developer during the construction work.


The Financial Guarantee of Completion (GFA) meets the requirements of the French Construction Law. This Financial insurance provides buyers the security that a third-party guarantor will bring all the necessary funds to allow the completion of buildings or houses if the developer is no longer able to do so.


  • The buyers of building programs
  • Property developers
  • The sellers of a property under renovation


  • We offer vertical and horizontal programs in protected and non-protected sectors (collective housing and / or offices, industrial or commercial buildings, family houses).
  • Solutions for VEFA, VIR and VRD and CPI
  • Geographical area covered : France and overseas territories.
  • Operations accepted up to 10 000 000 € including VAT