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For building, foreign and intellectual enterprises

The responsibility of Builders, Architects, Engineers and Technicians in France is subject to rules of public order; The decennial legal responsibility is laid down in Articles 1792 and 1792-2 of the Civil Code which lays down the principle of presumption of liability for an incompressible period of ten years for the carrying out of construction work, in new works or renovations. UBI Courtage offers contracts adapted to the intellectual professions and craftsmen-construction companies, offering its insurers high levels of guarantees, large deductions and splits without expenses. UBI Courtage Ltd has put in place a ten-year civil liability contract with full guarantees. This contract is addressed to 3 types of companies:

  • Construction companies.
  • Foreign companies operating in France.
  • Intellectual building companies – including Architects and Geotechnicians.


  • Guarantee for on-site damage.
  • Coverage of interventions on non-submitted works.
  • Single Franchise of 2,000 €.
  • Négoce in activity accessory of the pose.
  • Contracts adapted for the intellectual professions and artisans-construction companies.
  • Possibility to contract for Architects and Geotechnicians.
  • Possibility to intervene on construction sites with up to 15,000,000 €.
  • Legal Protection (CFDP) included.
  • Pricing in 48H.

Profiles sought: French and foreign speakers, in creation, resumption of competition, legal redress, multi-activities.