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The TRC guarantee is a damage insurance which is intended to protect the work under construction from accidental damage to property:

  • External damage to works: storms, lightning, fires, floods, earthquakes, ground movement, terrorism, theft, sabotage etc.
  • Damage related to work: inadequate / defective materials and / or workmanship, breakage, deterioration etc.

We provide new construction works, renovations, restorations or extensions of existing ones, single family homes, groups of houses, buildings, warehouses, shopping centres, schools etc.

The Project Managers can subscribe before the opening of the site and until the completion of the work.

  • The goods and materials intended for the work as well as the expenses generated following a guaranteed loss are all covered.
  • Chantiers in metropolitan France.
  • Optional Damage Warranty to Existing.
  • Cost of works up to 4,000,000 EUR.
  • Duration up to 18 months + 12 month maintenance.
  • Minimum deduction: EUR 7,500 per claim.
  • Fast pricing under 48H.


The Client Owner Warranty covers damage to third parties as a result of the construction operation. It indemnifies any third party who is the victim of material or bodily damage caused by the employer who is responsible for their employees and the building that they own. The contract covers bodily injuries, tangible and intangible damage including:

  • Non-consecutive non-material.
  • Fires, explosions, water damage.
  • Damage to neighbours.
  • Inexcusable mistakes.
  • Environmental impairments.

The guarantees apply from the start of the work until the date of receipt of the work. The warranty period may be extended at the request of the contracting authority in the event of delay in the execution of work on the insured site.

  • Guarantees of 500,000 €  1,000,000 €  2,500,000 €  or 5,000,000 €.
  • Amount deductible: 7,500 EUR per claim.
  • Fast pricing under 48H.