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non-standard risks

Several solutions for various risks and special risks

Because some insurance risk are, by their nature, non-standards, we offer tailored contracts that meet your specific needs. Also, Every quote will receive the attention of a specialists, able to offer the guarantees required for this type of contract. This is why our covers are placed with specialised insurers, including Lloyd’s of London, the world’s oldest market for property insurance


UBI Courtage Ltd offers high value contracts for exceptional properties. Our insurance policies are specially designed to cover valuable properties with complex insurance needs :  a strong protection for high value homes, estates and manor houses.These insurance contracts are intended for high-value properties : castles, mansions, architect’s houses, luxury apartments, etc..


UBI Courtage Ltd helps you to find the perfect Multi-risk coverage for small and medium-sized craft, commercial or industrial enterprises. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this product or download our questionnaires.


This type of policy is addressed both to owners of real estate or real estate entities and to management trustees. Under these contracts, we are also able to charge aggravated property risks as a result of past claims or aggravating neighbourhoods.


  • Special risks, non-standard risks
  • Events, exhibitions, cultural events, concerts, fairs, etc.
  • Exhibitions and works of art,
  • Insurance Jewelry Aggravated risks

Please, contact our team for more information. Your questions and requests will be dealt with as soon as possible by your personal manager.